Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Los Angeles, Inc.  - "Strength and Beauty are in His Sanctuary"
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Administrative Officers
Rev. Johnteris Tate
Senior Pastor
Bro. Quaford Coleman,
Church Administrator
Deacon Board - Bro. Johnnie Williams
Deaconess Board - Sis. Florence Kilgore/Sis. Velma Livsey/                            Sis. Darlene Karim
Evangelism Ministry - Rev. Aunfranc Crosby
Counseling Ministry - Sis. Eugenia Reeves
Out Reach Ministry - Rev. Carl Hill
Usher Board I - Bro. Edward Crawford
Usher Board II - Sis. Augusta Pickens

Theater Arts Ministry:
    Minister of Music - Sis. Yvonne James
    Jades (Children) Choreographer - Sis. Sydne' Wade-Gardner
      Jades Supervisor - Sis. Kat Curtis
    Celestial Dancers (Youth/Young Adult Dancers)
    Regal Doyennes (doi-ens) (Seniors)
    Drama Coordinators - Sis. Keshia Hundley, Sis. Debra Polley
Choir Ministry - Sis. Yvonne James, Bro. James Goodlow,
Sis. CaSaundra Snead, Rev. Terrell Snead, Bro. David Pearson,
Bro. Shwakare Hampton, Bro. Erik Jones

Mission Department:
    Senior Mission I - Sis. Irma Jean Smiley
    Brotherhood - Bro. Derek Range
    Mission II - Sis. Jackie Johnson

Children's Ministry - Sis. Mattie Handy, Sis. April Williams
Young Adult Ministry - Rev. Derek Range, Sis. Catheryn Glenn
Senior Outreach - Sis. Shirley Land, Sis. Mona Stanberry
    Senior Day Coordinator - Sis. April Williams

Pastor's Aide Ministry 
Solace Committee - Sis. Irene Young
Culinary Committee - Sis. Maude Richard
Scholarship Committee - Sis. Anna Smith
Courtesy Committee - Rev. Derek Range
Nurses Board - Sis. Crystal Howard


Messaging Ministry - Sis. Kathy Powels
Manna From The Mount News - Sis. J. Michelle Jones, Editor

Technical & Media Ministry
  Sound Engineer Coordinators - Bro. Horace Hall, Bro. Repondre Deloach
  Photo/Video Tape/DVD Ministry, Sis. Alisa Aubert
  Recorded Ministry (CD), Bro. Repondre Deloach, Sis. Essie Jenkins,        Bro. Lawrence Wardlaw, Bro. Jaden Range, Sis. Yvonne James
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